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This is Adsaro

The Leading Digital Marketing Network

Our powerful marketing platform connects advertisers and publishers of all size so that they can help each other grow rapidly.


Adsaro for Advertisers

Best Advertisement Solutions Ever

We are all in one marketing platform that provides advertisement tools for various adformats so that you can depend on all the marketing needs with us.


Adsaro for Publishers

Best Monetization Tools Ever

We are all in one marketing platform that provides monetization tools for various adformats that supports websites and mobile apps of all types so that you can earn high revenue.


Our self serve automatic platform is easy and ready to use and get insights and reports instantly.


Our latest technology in the field of digital marketing will help you reach your goals in very short time.

Best Support

We have experienced account manager are dedicated to help you with every inquires 24/7 over Email and Skype.

About Us

Established in early 2017 with a vision to provide sales funnel to our advertisers and provide higher revenue to our publishers, we have been working side by side with both types of users to achieve various goals and some of them are as follows

  • Implementation of various adformats like Display, Mobile, Native, Video, Pop, Directlink and Push
  • Research and developement on anti-bot protection and faster ad delivery by using cloud delivery networks all around the globe
  • Making payments easy by adding PayPal, Skrill, Paxum, Epayments, Payoneer, Crypto, Wire Transfer, Local transfer in the network.

Since then we have been providing enterprise realted services for our clients and we plan to make it more better.


+ Campaigns


+ Users


+ Websites


+ Account managers

Targeting features

We have so many targeting features that are available in our platform and some of the important ones are mentioned below.

Social-demographic Targeting

Target users who fall under a particular segment like age, gender, language, etc.

Device Targeting

Target the users of a particular OS both on computer and mobile like Windows, iOS, Ubuntu, Linux, etc or selected device

Browser Targeting

Target the users of a specific browser they use like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.

Behavioral Targeting

The ads are delivered if the campaign and website categories are matched.

Geographic Targeting

Target users of specific locations like city, state, country, etc.

Telecom Targeting

The advertiser can deliver their ads to selected mobile telecoms

Latest Adformats

Here are some of the latest adformats we have on our platform

IAB Ad Formats

Rich Interactive.

We support all the advanced and successful ad formats such as Text, HTML, Image and Flash ads for display and Image, Text, MRAID and IAB Rising Star Ad Formats for mobile. We also support ads over mobile apps and also have in game advertisement features.

Native Ad formats

Content Based

The native ad is a division of content marketing where the posted advertisement will match exactly with the editorial content published in the website. There are various types of native ads available for the users; they can choose their desired type as per the business requirement.

Video Ad formats

In Video.

Deliver a wide range of ad formats such as such as inline ads, overlay ads, companion ads and much more using different delivery methods that include Progressive(HTTP), Streaming(RMTP) and Third party VAST tag through various player that support JW player, HTML player, etc.

Popunder Ad formats

Open Window

Pop-under adformats are mostly used to provide high qulaity of traffic at low price and instantly. Our pop-under ad do not disturb browsing exprerience. We don't open a new tab but instead open at the previous tab ornew window at background.

Push Notification

Push Up.

Push notification is the latest ad format available in the market that creates a push notfication over lockscreen of mobile devices or on the right-down corner side of a desktop browser in certain peroid of time. This ad format is beleived to have the highest conversions.

Looking for enterprise level solutions?

Here are some of the solutons we provide to our clients for enterprise level digital marketing


Programmatic Buying

This service allows advertisers to look for ad inventory across many ad exchanges and ad networks and buy the best spots for their brand campaigns in real item and in an automated manner, termed as 'Programmatic Buying'.



Re-targeting, an advanced feature in Adsaro, helps to record the behavior of a visitor and further breaks down the targeting to deliver ads that are of that user's interests which in turn gives great chances of turning user engagement into a sale transaction, helping advertisers' achieve their goal.


Performance Marketing

We have performance marketing solutions for CPA and CPI campaings which are automatically optimized by our network. We have Js tag, Image pixel and S2S for conversion tracking for our advertisers. You can send conversion information over marcos as well